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Commencement of the Test Cultivation and the Feasibility Study of Business Development of Super Sorghum in Sabah State in Malaysia!

We have concluded MOU with “GAYA HOUSE SDN.BHD”. (Hereafter called GAYA) and “DESA PLUS SDN.BHD” (hereafter called DESA), companies in Sabah State in Malaysia. The MOU is related to the study of business development of Super Sorghum at Sabah and have commenced the test cultivation.

Feed Test Results of the Silage using the materials, Super Sorghum was highly evaluated.

We have obtained the great achievement about various tests of Super Sorghum, carried out in the University of Guadalajara, United Mexican States (hereafter “Mexico”). The details of the tests were chemical analysis of the silage and feed test to milk cows (the chemical analysis for one type of Super Sorghum and feed test to dairy cows, the same shall be applied hereinafter).

Commencement of the Test Cultivation for the cow feed which utilizing Super Sorghum in Coahuila State, Mexico!

We have commenced Test Cultivation for cow feed utilizing Super Sorghum from May, 2014, also in Coahuila State, United Mexican States (hereinafter called Mexico). Moreover, we have held the explanatory session of Super Sorghum and observation meeting of its growth condition by our technical person in charge for the local farmers and the stock breeding association in the city of Ahualulco, Jalisco State, where we started Test Cultivation in May, 2014.

Implementation of the Test Cultivation based on the Large Scale Commercialization of Super Sorghum for cow milk (Silage) in Vietnam!

Developing into Silage sales to VINA MILK, one of the top class milk producers in South East Asia and TH MILK holding the first and largest integrated factory of milk products in Vietnam!

Commencement of Test Cultivation for the purpose of Commercial Cultivation of Sugar and Bioethanol in Thailand, a leading Ethanol Producer Nation.

〜Thailand is the best sugar supplying nation in Asia, which is now concerning to join the rapidly growing Ethanol market.〜